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KIS List - what is it and how does it work?

KIS is a shopping list that you complete and change live by browsing products online.

You work faster, the effects are prettier, and a lot of things does it by itself (e.g. cost estimates).

You're still the same designer, but suddenly everything is easier.

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  • The app is brilliant! I've never done a list of materials for a client so quickly.
    It is easy to use. Definitely a time saver. Will opt for the full option.
    - Magda, Mocna Pracownia

  • Tried it - brilliant solution. I LOVE it and will definitely go for the full option.
    The clients that I created first lists for in KIS are also delighted with the solution - it's clear, convenient, speeds up and puts order in the communication about products.
    Ultra practical, perfect – just like that.
    - Magdalena, ojacienachacie studio

  • The application is very cool and can really save time. I used to think about such a solution myself, in the form of a smart excel file, but this is a much better solution. - Rafał, interior designer

  • I love this extension, together with the shopping list it makes a simply perfect duo!
    It's a completely different quality of work! I can't imagine my life without it, I just need to be on a product page, open the plugin and in 3 seconds I can add this product to the selected list. No more copying data manually. I highly recommend!
    - Magda, interior designer

  • KIS is a great solution for me. I am not very fond of Excel and making cost estimates or material lists was the least pleasant part of the project for me.
    After trying KIS, I am sure I will use it on a regular basis and will purchase a subscription after the trial period is over.
    - Angelika, interior designer

  • It's not a difference, it's a revolution. What a convenience! - Magda, interior designer from Warsaw

What is the KIS List?

like a click

Save up to 80% of your time. You do not even have to open the application. In 5 seconds you can save product data and photos directly from the manufacturer's website or the store.


Your favorite products
always at hand
KIS is intuitive and simple. Almost everything you need is on one screen. At a glance you can see if everything fits together.

and pretty

Easy quoting
and communication
Estimates calculate themselves on their own, communication is effortless, and you can send a PDF if you want. Create beautiful looking shopping lists, faster than ever before.
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Save your time with KISer

Build your product lists and customer proposals instantly without even turning on the app.

  • Save product image, name and price with a few clicks straight from any page in 3 seconds.
  • KISer will choose the photo and text for you - you don't have to do anything.
  • Can't save the photo? Cut it out directly from the screen.

Design acceleration list

Easily and quickly prepare product proposals.

  • Provide product proposals in a easily readable PDF with your logo.
  • Quickly assign a status to products (e.g. to make an order).
  • Within seconds you can see what the customer has already accepted and what has already been ordered.
  • Visualize your proposals easily, quickly, clearly and legibly. No more unreadable lists in Word or Excel.
How does it work? - see video

Create your product catalog

Don't repeat what you've already done once.

  • Save selected products to your product catalog with one click.
  • Gather them in one place and work even faster.
  • Shorten the creation time of proposals for the customer even more using your product database.
How does it work? - see video

Effortless costing

From many stores prices are downloaded on their own.

  • Calculate cumulative prices and categories without knowing excel.
  • Check the cost of white goods, lighting or whatever you want.
  • Add the cost of the crew, carpenter or upholsterer all in a few moves.
How does it work? - see video

It's almost like collecting and sending lists using your thoughts only. You show the customer individual products, versions to choose from, combinations of different interior designs, and it all takes only seconds.

You want something done, and after a while it's done.

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