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Work becomes easier and more profitable thanks to functions created for interior designers

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Save time with KISer
Build your product lists and proposals for customers instantly by browsing products on the web.
Create your product catalog
Don't repeat what you've already done thanks to your personal database of favourite products.
How do you prepare a breakdown?
Easily prepare the breakdown you want! List of lighting, tiles or perhaps bathroom furnishings?
Save time with KISer
Save time with our magic chair (innovative browser plug-in KISer)
Save an image, product name and price with a few clicks directly from any page in 3 seconds.
KISer selects the photo, price, name, provider and link for you - no more retyping data!
You can't save the photo? Cut them directly from the screen.
No more wasted time creating furnishings lists or cost estimates!
You create detailed furnishings lists automatically when you browse products online.
Visualise your proposals easily, quickly, in a clear and readable way. No more unreadable lists in Word or Excel.
Within seconds see what the customer has already approved and what has already been ordered.
Control your budget without needing to know anything about Excel!
KIS List is an ingenious tool that has cut our process of preparing an estimate and product folder in half.
Agnieszka Pasieka-Adamek
Studio Atoato
Take advantage of a beautiful moodboard view
Visualise your ideas with one click and see if everything fits together.
Check how your chosen products will look next to each other.
Share your vision with your customers.
Impress your customers with beautiful, PDF and Excel breakdowns
Easily prepare the breakdown you want!
A list of lighting, tiles or maybe the furniture itself? You don't have to limit yourself!
Decide for yourself which information you want to show: price, quantity, provider or product link and much more!
Create your personal catalogue of favourite products
Save selected products in your product catalogue with just one click.
Collect them in one site and work even faster.
Shorten the creation of furnishings lists even further using your database of favourite products.
Communication with your customers has never been so quick and simple!
Invite customers to review your proposals and give their feedback.
Eliminate the need for long phone calls or time-consuming meetings.
You decide what information you want to show: price, quantity, provider or product link and much more!
And all of this available to your customer online, 24 hours, without logging in!
It is banal to use, but brilliant in its idea.
I love solutions like that!
Anita Kwietniak-Miszczuk
Add notes, attachments, TODO lists and manage your project effectively.
Everything in one place - investment information, customer data or project guidelines.
Use TODO lists and have control over your project.
Add an attachment with a quote, offer or other information about the project to the list.
Add important information such as a list of recommended stores or contractors.
Share visuals and products on one list.
Add visualizations to product list or moodboard.
Exchange comments about visuals and products in one place.
Make it easier for the customer to make a decision by placing products with visualization.
Save time by using one tool for costing and visualization.
As the invention of the wheel for mankind, so KIS List is a breakthrough for interior architects.
Agnieszka Bielawska-Januszkiewicz
Bielawska Studio