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KIS List will change your approach to creating equipment lists.
It was created out of a love of simplicity and organisation.
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“The KIS List is an essential tool for my work!“
Anna Niemann
“My project life has changed completely.”
Iza Szewc
“Thanks to KIS List you can save a lot of time.”
Natalia Kolasińska
“I guarantee you will fall in love as much as any other user.”
Martyna Szulist
“This groundbreaking tool has freed me from having to constantly battle with Word and flinching from Excel.”
Joanna Derlatka
“A great application that, in one sentence, makes designers' jobs easier.”
Róża i Filip Tchorek
“KIS List has changed my life.”
Magdalena Moc-Kwiecień
“I associate KIS List with a small revolution”
Klaudia Leszczyńska
“KIS List makes the designer's job a lot easier.”
Katarzyna Malewicka
”The moment I began working with KIS List was a breakthrough.”
Anna Oniszk-Popławska
“KIS List is user-friendly, enjoyable to work with, and enables efficient communication with the client”
Monika Smolińska
“KIS List is awesome!”
Wiktoria Niźnik
“KIS List is an application I can't imagine life without”
Natalia Migacz
“KIS List has significantly sped up my work”
Magda Marzec
“KIS List is a fantastic application that you shouldn't hesitate to use!”
Małgorzata Górska-Jurek
“I wouldn't go back to creating shopping lists in Excel!”
Justyna Zaniewska
“With KIS List, I save both my time and my clients time!”
Agnieszka Gać
“KIS Masters a community of exceptional people!”
KIS Masters
Agnieszka Pasieka - Adamek
Pracownia Atoato
KIS List is an ingenious tool that has cut our process of preparing an estimate and product folder in half.

With it you can quickly create an estimate and send individual items to contractors.

I don't have to copy individual items, I just select the wholesection e.g. lighting or bespoke furniture and generate a PDF file. I send it to the contractor and get a quote.

The client can quickly comment on an item or exclude it.

For me, working on a budget is the basis of what I teach in my courses.

In Kis-list I have created my own cost estimate template, which allows my whole team and students to create estimates even faster.

Agnieszka Pasieka-Adamek - author of 5 books of over 20 online courses in interior design.

More than 3,500 people have taken part in the courses. For several years she has been running Academy of Entrepreneurial Architects - a year-long business development school for architects and interior designers.
Anna Oniszk-Popławska
Pracownia wnętrz Onyks
I have been using KIS List for a few months now and what I value most is its multifunctionality.

I use it mainly for creating shopping lists, but also for composing mood boards or an extensive database with interior design elements.

KIS List means dozens of hours saved per month.

My clients love the end result of a clickable pdf and editable xls file.

When gathering furnishing items, magic happens: pictures, prices, dimensions automatically jump into the shopping list with one click.

I love this tool, I recommend it to designers, fixture distributors and clients who would like to compile a purchasing list for their home themselves.

The tool is constantly being improved and the service is flawless and very focused on dynamic changes. It is worth giving a try.
Martyna Szulist
Pracownia Bueno
KIS List is a superb tool that speeds up the work of an interior architect. We no longer have to 'manually' add all the elements of a client's shopping list as we did before.

With this application, it only takes a few clicks to create a cost estimate. It has never been so easy to create a cost estimate as with KIS List.

The tool is already very advanced at this stage, and yet new features are appearing all the time in response to user needs.

I also like the fact that you can choose the payment option that is most beneficial to you - on a monthly or yearly basis.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to automate their work more.
Agnieszka Bielawska-Januszkiewicz
Bielawska Studio
As the invention of the wheel for mankind, so KIS List is a breakthrough for interior architects.

This is a product that has gone from being an element hated and delayed until the last moment to one that has made me very happy to sit down at the computer and work on this stage of the project, which is the preparation of a shopping list and cost estimate for the client.
Joanna Zabłocka
Joanna Zabłocka Architektura Wnętrz
I have been looking for a long time for a tool that would allow me to optimise my work, that would be transparent and easy to use.

I found out about KIS List on a group for architects and decided to attend an online meeting where the software was discussed. I decided to give it a try - the first 30 days of testing are free.

I fell in love with it from the first use. I bought the PREMIUM package for a whole year and the costs paid off in the first month of work.

However, the most beautiful thing about KIS List is that I can always count on the technical support of the author of the software, and investors are enchanted with the breakdowns they receive from me.

Today I cannot imagine working without this tool - I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Magdalena Wiechnik
projektowania wnętrz
KIS List is an extremely useful tool for interior designers to help them create and manage material lists.

Thanks to KIS List I save a lot of time, which has a positive impact on my work performance.

The KISer addon in the browser allows me to quickly add items to the material list with a single click. I no longer need to manually describe, add images or links to charts - the app does it automatically.

The KIS List allows me to organise all information in one place, thereby avoiding chaos. In this way, I can effectively keep track of communication history with clients and other project team members.

The app supports the creation of detailed reports and the export of data into various formats, while the intuitive user interface makes the application easy to use even for those who are not very tech-savvy.

KIS List streamlines the process of creating material lists, allowing designers to focus on design.

Overall, the KIS List is an indispensable tool for interior designers, which helps to save time, be more organised and make their work more efficient.

I can no longer imagine my work without KIS!
LAB Architekci
At LAB Architects we have been using KIS List for over a year. Every architect creates their shopping lists in a way that is convenient for them.

Thanks to it, we have a great database of products and companies that can be used by the entire design office.

The biggest advantages that we see in KIS List are the saving of time and the possibility of generating the list in various variations and sending it directly from the website to the client.

Additionally, we very much appreciate KIS List for the continuous development of the tool and the introduction of a number of conveniences for its users.
Anita Kwietniak-Miszczuk
Brilliant stuff, if you are an architect or interior designer - your life will change when you discover this app.

KIS list is a brilliant tool and we're entering our second year together. In my work I can no longer imagine life without this app. It is very simple to use but brilliant in its concept.

I love such solutions!

I am looking forward to new ideas from the Creators and new features.
Malwina Dąbrowska
Pracownia Dom z duszą
I came across KIS List about a year ago, basically at the beginning of my adventure with interior design and I was hooked straight away ❤️

o this day, I cannot understand how designers used to work before without this app.

I've been working on it virtually since the very beginning of the design process, gathering the first proposals for the client, so I'm in control of the budget from the start.

And when I finish a project the shopping list is almost ready because it is created on the fly and I don't have to deal with it manually.

I also love the phone app, which allows me to seamlessly save products to display when I'm doing other things, and especially for the fact that I can browse and save products when I'm in the playground with my kids 😅

I could write for hours about the benefits ofKIS LIST but instead of reading, you're better off just testing it out 😉
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