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KIS List will change your approach to creating equipment lists.
It was created out of a love of simplicity and organisation.
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For beginner designers with very few projects, students or people creating lists and estimates for themselves.
For designers working professionally, preparing breakdowns, cost estimates and mood boards for clients.
For designers who want to have everything that is related to the project in one place. Equipment lists, visualisations, the detailed design.
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KIS List
Number of lists 25
Filtering of the list by sections, categories, statuses
Automatic saving of all changes live
Export of the list to PDF format
30-day recovery of deleted products and lists
Create your favorite products inventory
Moodboard view and lists in sizes L/M/S
Copying lists and sections
Advanced copying and transferring also between lists
Collective editing of products on the list
Export of the list to Excel
Export of the list to a PDF file as a mood board
Setting of data visible in PDF and Excel (prices, quantity, link, supplier, catalog number)
Ability to add a long note relating to the entire list exported to PDF and Excel
Adding your own logo and contact information in the PDF
Online creation of customer proposals with the possibility of approval and commenting
Possibility of updating product prices of partner shops
Provision of the list to clients with the option to accept and comment on it
Edit product in the browser extension (from the application you can go to the website from which the product was added and fill in the missing product data such as price, size, etc.)
Ability to add custom product categories and custom fulfillment statuses for products
Possibility of tagging favorite products for even better organization of work
Customised folders for organising favourites
Additional extended notes on the list
Team comments
Templates of notes
TODO lists in the notes
Adding visualisations
Adding product attachments
Adding discounts to products
PDF branding configuration
Share favorites and lists by team from 2 users from 2 users
Share list for editing from 2 users from 2 users
Share list for preview from 2 users from 2 users
Save products straight from the websites
Adding a new section from within the extension
Setting categories and product list
Clearing data inserted in the plugin
Automatic loading of data from the product page after opening the extension
Scissors for convenient cutting of images where they cannot be selected
Context menu for filling in data in the extension (you indicate the text and choose what it is)
Adding products to favorites directly from the browser addon
Adding a new favourites folder from within the plug-in
Edit products directly in the extension
Tagging of favorite products in extension
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